Our Mission

Karma Bijuteri is one of the biggest fashion jewelry manufacturer in Grand Bazaar / Istanbul. 

In this way that we departed with an understanding which directs the manufacturing and management processes by understanding the demands and needs of its clients in the best way and which is respectful to its ethical values and rivals, is aware of social responsibility and have a leader soul; our mission is to create value primarily for our clients and employees and then our stakeholders by keeping our competitive and sustainable growth potential at maximum level and to direct the fashion as a one of the leading fashion brands of world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the indispensable aspect and leader of world’s garment market by having an understanding of which global value is high and which continuously creates difference and value proper to its rooted history and aims to transform the fashion into the passion.

Our Strategic Priorities

To provide a sustainable profitability and growth in conformity with the interests of our stakeholders by continuously creating value with a management understanding of which focal point is human. In this regards;

  • Unconditional customer satisfaction
  • Reassurance and creating loyalty
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Creating brand loyalty and making the brand accessible
  • Directing the garment sector as a global player